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The best reactions and roasts from LeBron's argument with the refs at the Drew Leauge

LeBron's Drew League apperance caught a lot of attention.
LeBron complaining to the refs at the Drew League.

LeBron complaining to the refs at the Drew League.

The NBA season might be put on pause, but at least we still have the summer leagues and the occasional NBA cameos at your local gyms making rounds on social media. But when LeBron James shows up to the iconic Drew Leauge, a show is bound to happen, and that is precisely what went down the other day.

For the culture

In the lack of games and highlights, LeBron's Drew League appearance gave us some fresh and fun content. From the packed gym full of fans in awe of seeing "The King," playing in a local gym for the first time since 2011, LeBron dominating, dunking, and looking good as ever next to another NBA star, DeMar DeRozan, to James complaining to the refs, the whole event caught a lot of attention in the NBA world.

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LeBron's team would prevail in the end and win, and although it was by only 2 points, James looked great, scoring 42 points with 16 rebounds in front of Los Angeles fans. Although it was great seeing the biggest name in basketball come out for the culture and play in one of the most recognizable summer leagues in the world, LeBron naturally didn't escape some criticism.

James often gets hated on by fans for often pleading and arguing with referees when the call doesn't go his way, and when that happened in the Drew Leauge, fans took to Twitter to clown "The King" and his traditional move:

Some people loved the fact that LeBron showed his competitiveness and took it so seriously he would even argue with the refs about a call, while others couldn't believe he tried to get his way and complain in the Drew. So it's really a matter of preference, or do more simply, do you like LeBron or not.

One way or the other, you have to admit James put on a show, filled a small gym double its capacity, and gave us something to watch in these long summer days without NBA basketball. Hopefully, this triggers even more NBA stars to come ut to their local summer league and show why they are the cream of the crop in their profession.

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