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The 5 Heaviest Players in NBA History


When you think of the typical NBA player, you automatically imagine an athletic and ripped individual who is psychically ready for the game's fast and draining tempo. But not every player had those attributes, as there were a handful of players in NBA history who had, shall we say, an atypical body type. Hey, if you can ball, it doesn't matter how you look or how heavy you are. These guys proved that it is possible to be an NBA player without being fit. This is the list of the five heaviest players in NBA history:

#5 Michael Sweetney
6'8'' (203 Cm)
348 Pounds (158 Kg)

Michael Sweetney was the 9th pick in the 2003 Draft; a promising power forward that was supposed to bring some toughness to the Big Apple. But shortly after that, Sweetney started battling weight issues and was out of the league in 2007, lasting only four years while averaging 6.5 points and 4.5 rebounds per game. He would play internationally until 2017, but his weight stopped him from having a better NBA career.

#4 Eddy Curry
7'0'' (213 Cm)
350 Pounds (159 Kg)

Nicknamed "Baby Shaq," Curry was called like that more for his appearance than his game. But still, Curry had some great seasons, as he was drafted 4th in 2001 straight out of high school. His best days came with the Bulls and the Knicks, as he had a good 11-year career but not nearly as good enough if he could have maintained a better weight. Unfortunately, Curry had some health and personal problems, which played a part in him gaining that weight.

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#3 Sim Bhullar
7'5'' (226 Cm)
360 Pounds (163 Kg)

The first Indian player in NBA history had a very short stint in the NBA as a member of the Sacramento Kings, but he got remembered because of his size. Being 7'5'' and not in the best psychical shape resulted in him being one of the heaviest players ever. Bhullar played just two official games for the Kings and spent most of his time in the G-Leauge. Even though he had a considerable size advantage, he never managed to make use of that and never got another chance in the league. Bhullar also went to play internationally after that and is currently playing in Taiwan.

#2 Shaquille O'Neal
7'1'' (216 Cm)
360 Pounds (163 Kg)

Shaq is by far the best player on the list, as he is considered one of the greatest players and most dominant bigs in NBA history. O'Neil was a force in his prime, but he gained weight steadily through his career. His (lack of) dedication to fitness was one of the most often contention points between Shaq and Kobe. It is rumored that in his days with the Cavs and Celtics, Shaq weighed around 360 pounds, resulting in many injuries and the ending of his career.

#1 Oliver Miller
6'9'' (206 Cm)
375 Pounds (170 Kg)

Oliver Miller takes the crown as the heaviest player in NBA history, weighing 375 pounds at his heaviest. The "Big O" came into the NBA in 1992 at "just" 270 pounds. But his bad habits led to him putting on all that weight and cutting his career short to 9 years. When you look at the weight, that isn't a bad time, as he managed to average 7.4 points per game. It is fascinating how Miller managed to keep up with all those super athletes for so long, but he made it work.

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