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"That's power" -- Allen Iverson on his respect for NBA coaches


"I've been retired for 11 years, " said Allen Iverson when talking to Taylor Rooks about his desire to join the 76ers organization. "I don't know how I'm not a part of that staff."

When asked about what specific role he would like to have with the Sixers, Iverson ruled out becoming the team's head coach. However, he did express a desire to join their staff as more of a consultant, serving as the ultimate basketball expert on standby.

I know so much about the ins and out in basketball, and not just talent-wise as far as who’s good, who’s not. Relationships, how teammates react to each other, what they have a problem with, what makes them play a certain way. I know those things about players, and I know with an organization, I know I can help.

Allen Iverson, Taylor Rooks Interview

Every skill Iverson put on the table is required for a successful NBA coach. So why doesn't he want to take up that challenge instead? A.I. answered that question years ago when he said he would never "coach a motherf----r that make more money" than him. Speaking to Taylor Rooks, he only expanded on it.

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I have the utmost respect for coaches in the NBA. I mean, coaches worldwide, but in the NBA is totally different. You have all of these guys making all of this money, everybody on a team making more money than you, and you're able to bring these guys together and get them to believe in one thing and that's playing the right way and winning.

Allen Iverson, Taylor Rooks Interview

Iverson hit it on the head, giving the perfect explanation why the NBA head coaches are criminally underrated. Accountability-wise, they are on the same level as players. But they aren't paid as much, nor do they get the same credit for their impact on the team's winning. However, they are much more likely to be used as scapegoats in case of failure.

Being a part of an NBA dynasty is the only way around these injustices. For others, whose success is short-lived, winning one is almost the same as winning none -- Nick Nurse is the latest example, and depending on the next few years, Mike Budenholzer could be the next one. Iverson, however, zeroed in on the money and being an authority to those who earn more of it.

Having them all with the same mindset and the same goal in their head and they buy into it -- that's power. And that's respect. When you got these guys that make all this money and they buy into everything that you say, and you got guys on different teams with max contracts that probably feel like they're supposed to be the man, but somehow, to make it all work, they fit in the role, play their role, and then all the success comes.

Allen Iverson, Taylor Rooks Interview

And when that success comes, very few will credit the team's head coach for it. That's why we'll never see The Answer as an NBA head coach. But we would love to see him back with the Sixers, in whatever role he wants. Make it happen, Philly!

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