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"THAT'S MY ROCK" Bam Adebayo on his mom joining him in the bubble


'He's the heart and soul of the team,' Butler said of Bam Adebayo. 'I keep saying it, but he's going to be the reason that we win a championship.'

The All-Star big man had an incredible Game 6 outing against the Celtics, securing Miami a spot on NBA's biggest stage, in what will be the organization's sixth NBA Finals - first since '14. Bam put up a career-high 32 points, 14 rebounds, and 5 assists, as the Heat closed out the series in 6, and are looking to face the Lakers in a cross-conference matchup starting on Wednesday.

It's the series of storylines, with the biggest one being LeBron's connection to Miami. It was James led team that last secured American Airlines Arena a championship banner in '13, followed up with LBJ's iconic 'I’m not even supposed to be here' speech. Seven years later, The King will face his former team in his 10th trip to the Finals, with the ultimate collection of 'not supposed to be heres' being his final hurdle towards LBJ's fourth championship ring.

"We’ve been underdogs our whole life. Everybody up here has got a chip on their shoulder from something."

Bam Adebayo, Yahoo Sports

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For Adebayo, that something has to do with his mother and everything the two of them went through prior to Bam reaching NBA stardom. They lived in a single-wide trailer home in Little Washington, North Carolina, where Bam's mom, Marilyn Blount, worked as a cashier.

Adebayo's father didn't play an active role in his upbringing, so Marilyn became the only figure for Bam to emulate. Upstroke - hardworking, humble, goal-oriented kid, willing to subordinate himself to the collective. And according to his AAU coach, and Bam's present-day mentor Kevin Graves, that's Adebayo's biggest quality.

“That’s one of the greatest things about Bam. He doesn’t care about shining over people. All Bam wants to do is win."

Kevin Graves, Miami Herald

Everything about the All-Star big man is the set of values transferred to him from his mother; from the way he approaches the game, to the way he lives his life. That's why you won't see him spending millions on houses or cars. You won't see him with a different pair of sneakers night in and night out. Instead, he lives in the same downtown Miami condominium building as his mother, only 43 floors apart, and wears free allotment kicks he received as an NBA player.

There's nothing flashy about the guy. Nothing about his personality that makes him hard to relate to. Just hard work, dedication, and fearless mentality that got him where he is in the first place. And it's all thanks to his mother, who will be there to watch his son play in his first-ever NBA Finals. Like Bam needed any more motivation.

The Miami Heat's roster just got deeper, with the addition of The Real MVP - Marilyn Blount - the warp of basketball player and persona that is Miami's All-star Bam Adebayo. 'That's my rock, that's my chip. That's what I do it for. That's my pride and joy.'

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