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“That’s disrespectful to LeBron James” — Draymond Green on comparing the Boston Celtics to LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers

Draymond Green believes that the Boston Celtics' overall IQ isn't on par with LeBron James' teams over the past couple of years.
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James shares a laugh with Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum and LeBron James

Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors are just one win away from clinching their seventh franchise championship. Green admits that this last win will be the hardest as the Boston Celtics, led by their hungry core of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart, won't just back down being a game away from elimination.

But despite all the physical and mental hurdles Green has faced all series, the forward admits that this year's Finals isn't the most challenging series he's experienced. According to Green, facing the Clevland Cavaliers led by LeBron James is still the most mentally exhausting series he's had to endure.

Green said that It's shouldn't even be a comparison.

Green, who faced James and the Cavs in four consecutive Finals, believes that comparing this year's Celtics team to LeBron James' Cavaliers is disrespectful. According to the three-time champion, James is a different beast in the Finals because of one specific attribute the King possesses that nobody does.

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"It doesn't compare. He is arguably the smartest guy to set foot on a basketball court. To say that it compares to that, it's disrespectful to LeBron and it's a lie to you." Green said when asked if this Finals felt the same way compared to the previous years.

One intelligent player always recognizes the other. Green's compliment speaks volumes and is a testament to how incredible James is as a basketball player. When it comes to high-stake games like the Finals, James' basketball IQ is arguably the greatest gift he offers to his team. Green is well aware of this because he provides the same asset to the Warriors, despite how much he's worn down over the past couple of years.

Remember, Draymond played a significant role in assembling arguably the greatest basketball team of all time when he recruited Kevin Durant to join the 73-9 Warriors team to defeat James and the Cavaliers. So it makes sense why Draymond knows LeBron is unlike any other, especially when it comes to winning championships.

No disrespect to the Celtics' young rising core

The fact that the Celtics overachieved this season and now find themselves in the Finals facing one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history, is proof that they're ahead of schedule. Sure, Tatum, Brown, and Smart don't offer the same mental challenge on the court as James, but that's part of the process. James and Green will tell you firsthand that developing one's IQ comes with time and experience.

Nevertheless, the Celtics will be a problem for a long time. Regardless of the outcome of this year's Finals, the experience will propel them to be contenders for the next coming years, just like how it did with James and Green. 

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