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“THAT WAS FLAT OUT CRAZY” Barkley calls out Kyrie and KD


Charles Barkley doesn't have Kevin Durant anywhere near his all-time list, and he's not too optimistic about the way things are developing in Brooklyn. For Barkley, to get on the list of greatest players in NBA history, you have to win as a leader. 

To remind you, Kyrie appeared on KD's new podcast and they talked about Steve Nash as their new head coach. After expressing their respect and appreciation for Nash, Kyrie said he doesn't need someone to "put their coaching philosophy on everything that we’re doing" and that he doesn't see them "having a head coach." Irving concluded by saying that he and KD could one day be head coaches, whatever that means. 

“Patrick: I was gonna bring that up to you. When Kyrie says 'We don't really have a head coach. Some nights it'll be me, some nights it'll be KD, and some nights it'll be Steve Nash.' Boy, what could go wrong?

Barkley: Well, first of all, he didn't say 'Steve Nash.' He said 'Some nights it'll be me, some nights it'll be KD...' He went to the assistant-assistant coach. That was one of the craziest things I've ever heard an NBA players say. That was flat out crazy.”

Charles Barkley, The Dan Patrick show

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They didn't join the Knicks (which would've been a complete shitshow), but they are still in New York. If Durant and Irving think they've been unfairly portrayed so far, they have no idea what's coming their way. 

“They're lucky they don't play for the Knicks. But I think because they're so high profile, and all the stuff that Kyrie has said the last couple of years, they're gonna get the same media attention that the Knicks get. I think it's going to be fascinating.”

Charles Barkley, The Dan Patrick show

To clarify, Barkley said he thinks it's going to be "bad fascinating." You know you're in trouble when Kevin Durant, the guy with burner accounts that contradicts himself all the time, is your more media-friendly superstar. Maybe RJ Barret can give them a few pointers. 

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