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Study ranks which NBA teams have the most supportive fans and which don't.


Ever wondered where your team ranks compared to the other 29 fanbases, WSN have provided an extremely researched and detailed analysis answering that exact question. With three top 10 lists, ranging from ‘The Most Negative Fans After A Defeat (Jumpers)’, ‘The Most Supportive Fans After A Defeat (Strappers)’, ‘The Most Consistently Supportive Fans (Scammies)’, ‘The Most Positive Fans After A Defeat (Mothers)’, ‘Least Positive Fans After A Defeat (Cold Fathers)’. Let’s see where your group ranks up.

Methods: Using Sentistrength, over 100,000 fan responses on Facebook were analyzed after NBA teams wins and loses during the ‘21 NBA season. This is what the countless hours had to show for it. 

The Most Negative Fans After A Defeat

Jumpers - Jump off the high horse at the first sign of trouble. With one foot always out, these are the supporters that show the largest decrease in positive comments combined with the largest increase in negative comments from wins to losses.

% = Percentage points illustrating the change in negative attitudes after a defeat

  1. Charlotte Hornets: 61%
  2. Sacramento Kings: 52%
  3. Phoenix Suns: 46%
  4. Milwaukee Bicks: 36%
  5. Utah Jazz: 34%
  6. Minnesota Timberwolves: 32%
  7. New York Knicks: 31%
  8. Detroit Pistons: 29%
  9. Washington Wizards: 29%
  10. Philadelphia 76ers: 29%

This means Charlotte fans swing with the breeze more than any other fanbase. Makes sense most of their fans would be teenage LaMelo Ball fanatics.

The Most Supportive Fans After A Defeat

Strappers - These fans are strapped in for even the most rockiest of rides. With their hands open wide, these are the fan bases that show the smallest change in attitudes between positive and negative comments from wins to losses.

% = Percentage points illustrating the change in negative attitudes after a defeat

  1. Houston Rockets: -6%
  2. Atlanta Hawks: -2%
  3. Los Angelas Clippers: 2%
  4. Dallas Mavericks: 4%
  5. Golden State Warriors: 4%
  6. Chicago Bulls: 5%
  7. San Antonio Spurs: 6%
  8. Miami Heat: 7%
  9. Los Angelas Lakers: 11%
  10. Cleveland Cavaliers: 11%
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This means the Rockets and Hawks fans are actually more supportive when their team loses right after their team wins. I guess even with 17 wins, Rockets fans were left smiling for the next week. I guess Harden bailing out like a dash-and-dine guest did give them a season-long excuse. 

The Most Consistently Positive Fans 

Scammies - Because they're the most ideal people to be scammed. So optimistic to the point that they are naive, these are the fan bases with the smallest change in positive comments from wins to losses. 

% = Difference in positivity depending on the match outcome

  1. Chicago Bulls: 6%
  2. Los Angelas Clippers: 5%
  3. Atlanta Hawks: 2%
  4. Dallas Mavericks: 2%
  5. Los Angelas Lakers: 1%
  6. Memphis Grizzlies: 1%
  7. Miami Heat: 0%
  8. Washington Wizards: -1%
  9. Golden State Warriors: -3%
  10. Indiana Pacers: -3%

Positive comments towards the Bulls increased 6% after their loss compared to after a win. Guess they knew it was only a matter of time until Wendell Carter Jr. was outta there.

The Most Positive Fans After A Defeat

Mothers - No matter what they do, they will always love you. This is different from a change in attitude from good to bad, these fans are the most positive fans after a defeat, regardless of how the team has been performing in that period. 

  1. Toronto Raptors: 55%
  2. Los Angelas Clippers: 52%
  3. Dallas Mavericks: 52%
  4. Portland Trail Blazers: 51%
  5. Miami Heat: 51%
  6. Atlanta Hawks: 50%
  7. Chicago Bulls: 47%
  8. Boston Celtics: 44%
  9. Golden State Warriors: 44%
  10. Brooklyn Nets Nets: 44%

The Canadian team won a championship just two years prior. I think they’ll be happy for another two decades. 

Least Positive Fans After A Defeat

Cold Fathers - If you don’t pass, there will not be any fake encouragement coming from these fans. This is just the opposite as the list above, so the least amount of love, regardless of hate comments, going around after a defeat.

  1. Sacramento Kings: 25%
  2. Houston Rockets: 29%
  3. Charlotte Hornets: 30%
  4. Orlando Magic: 32%
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves: 432%
  6. Cleveland Cavaliers: 33%
  7. Utah Jazz: 35%
  8. New Orleans Pelicans: 36%
  9. Milwaukee Bucks: 38%
  10. Oklahoma City Thunder: 38%

Who would be happy to root for Sacramento. Where's their light in the dark? Drafting Tyrese Hailburton last year doesn’t make up for winning 31 games with a formidable roster.

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