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Stress caused amnesia

The most annoying thing I can see watching sports is football players diving and simulating. There are so many levels of stupidity in these actions I won’t even start to analyze it, but on the top of the list is the way they start running towards the ref with a ‘’I can’t believe you didn’t call this’’ look on their face. The cherry on top; the more obvious the flop they tend to over-act the role of a person being stripped of all their rights. I mean, just look at these fools (yes, the second guy actually grabbed his opponent's hand and hit himself with it):

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A close second is NBA players being petty. There is something about grown men being asked completely legitimate questions acting like they just hit puberty and everything anyone says is a direct hit to their developing ego. Last night Eric Bledsoe joined the long line of pettiness when he said he didn’t know who Terry Rozier was.

Really Eric? You don’t know who Rozier is? Well, psychology has proven that our brain tends to block out extremely stressful episodes as a defense mechanism. Maybe this video at the 25-second mark can explain the cause of his amnesia:

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It seems that Rozier called Bledsoe Drew instead of Eric in a press conference. Drew Bledsoe was a quarterback for the Patriots before Tom Brady took his job. Also an athlete and a decent one at that. I can’t see a subtext that would be considered insulting, except the name swap. After you recover from looking at Rozier's outfit (inspired by Westbrook probably), I think it’s quite obvious Rozier just misspoke:

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I can understand Bledsoe is frustrated, giving up a huge shot in Game 1, being down 2 games after being labeled the favorites in the series. But how can you not see that saying you don’t know who the guy that broke your ankles and dropped a three like that is will not end up looking good for you?

Pettiness at its finest.

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