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Steven A. Smith should have his NBA card revoked

Steven A Smith might be like the louder version of your really loud friend, but no friend can have a take this bad.

Steven A Smith might be like the louder version of your really loud friend, but no friend can have a take this bad. Blasphemous!

Say what?

If this conversation had been had four years ago, in 2018, Anthony Davis would have a better case. But it’s been four years since he came third in MVP voting. But that doesn’t add up? So he wins a championship, he should be at the peak of his career physically, but he has regressed in the rankings from 4 years ago? Anthony Davis has plateaued as a basketball player. It is undeniable.

His move to L.A was supposed to be a time when LeBron was supposed to go in granddad mode and save himself for the playoffs. Instead, AD has been one complete challenge after the other ever since he won his first, and I bet you last NBA championship. Don’t let those Public Relations tweets fool you.

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Take away his basketball card

How can anybody in the world say Davis is better than Luka Doncic? Because basketball is not just an accumulation of stats. It's not just who can tick the most boxes in the versatility list. Because not all boxes are equal. 

Offense is superior to defense. That’s why 100 times out of 100 times, if you don't know any more details, but player A led the league in scoring, and player B was the defensive player of the year, you take player A. You win the game scoring the basketball - so the argument that ‘Luka is not quite there defensively’ is overrated.

He’s a big guy, he’s stronger than people give him credit for, let's not make it out that he is some wimp you can isolate down to the low post whenever you want. Let's also point out that basketball is about impacting winning, and other than that bubble championship, where Davis was excellent as the ‘Robin’, Luka has since done more with less.

To topple the unprecedented suns with Jalen Brunson being your second best player, to lose in 7 games to the likely championship Clippers - we know they didn't win because Kawhi got hurt - but to even take them seven games!

Davis, who has not made it past the second round other than one bubble run, has not been that impactful. So to say that Davis now, after regressing for two years, is better than Luka is absurd. Take his basketball card away.

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