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Steve Kerr thinks the Los Angeles Lakers at one point played like one of the best teams in the NBA


There is only a week left in the regular season left, and some teams are already playing their reserves while others are chasing the best record they could get in order to secure the playoffs or better standing. It's a good time to reflect on some teams that underachieved, and the first team that comes to mind are the Los Angeles Lakers.

The most popular basketball franchise now has the longest streak for missing playoffs in its history and you could definitely say it was a disappointing season for the team in the purple and gold. A young talented core of players in combination with experienced veterans and LeBron James should have achieved more in a very strong western conference but didn't due to many reasons with injuries being the biggest problem.

It's fair to say that the Lakers were really good when having most of their best players on disposal and this something that Steve Kerr observed as well, especially after their loss to the Lakers on Christmas.

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“When they beat us on Christmas, to me, they looked like one of the best teams in the West. They were playing like it. I don’t know where they were in the standings, but you could feel how good they were (and) the fact that they were coming together.”

Steve Kerr also stressed out the importance of having healthy players on your team, especially since that is also good for the entire league and the fans themselves. The level of competitiveness is also bigger, and it's something the Lakers have shown when all of their main players were ready to perform.

“I’m disappointed for him and for the Lakers,” he said. “I want everybody to be healthy every year. It’s better for the league, it’s better for all the people involved.”

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