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Steve Kerr reveals the innovator of the Steph Curry-Jordan Poole swing dance play

Steve Kerr admitted that a former Golden State Warriors assistant coach invented the play.
Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, guard Stephen Curry and guard Jordan Poole

Steve Kerr, Jordan Poole, and Steph Curry

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is renowned for his motion-heavy offense — an identity that has resulted in three titles in five years. One of the sets that the Warriors run is a play involving Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole where they seem to lock their arms like swing dancers before running in opposite directions. Kerr revealed he wasn't the innovator of the now infamous play and gave credit to the creative mind behind it.

Swing dancers

Fans noticed the peculiar play in the Warriors' 142-112 pummeling of the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 3. They came up with names like "swing action," "shake and bake," "Do-si-do," and many more. Reporters finally decided to ask Kerr if they have a name for it and who came up with it.

"We don't have a name for that, but we used to run it a lot with Steph and Klay [Thompson] the first couple of years. I think Alvin Gentry brought that action to us and so we used it years ago. We thought it was something that might be effective in this series," Kerr said, per NBC Sports.

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"You're just trying to create some pace and force and a little deception," Kerr added. "It's just a quirky thing that those guys have done for [a while]. We didn't do much of it this year, but in our early years, they did quite a bit of that."

Interestingly, Gentry was in attendance for Game 3. The ex-Sacramento Kings coach was an associate head coach when the Warriors won the title in the 2014-15 season. Gentry must have been flattered that Kerr still runs the play he innovated.

Another weapon

Another interesting bit about Kerr's comment is the fact that Curry and Thompson used to run the play before. Now, Poole seems to have taken his spot. And it is not much of a surprise given how the third-year man is performing.

While Poole is nowhere near Curry and Thompson's 3-point shooting prowess, the man is still a potent offensive weapon. Poole is averaging 26 points through the first three games of the Western Conference Semifinals. He's done his damage in multiple ways. Via 3-pointers, slashing, through fastbreak opportunities, and more.

The fact that Poole is part of Kerr's regular rotation says a lot about the guard's maturity and skill. The Warriors are a team filled with veterans who know how to win. While they are accommodating when new talent comes along, the young blood, too, has to catch up if he doesn't want to be booted out. Safe to say that Poole is a quick learner who will do more damage in the years to come. 

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