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Steve Kerr on NBA rules and officiating favoring the offense: 'I think fans want to see defense'

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Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made a guest appearance on the BasketballNews podcast where he shared his opinion on a heated debate regarding the inadequate rules in the NBA. Kerr openly discussed the advantage offense has in favor of the defense, where the changed rules help great offensive players quite a bit.

Kerr is frustrated when players initiate contact and throw themselves into a defender to get a foul, with the refs usually favoring players on offense. We've seen this happen numerous times throughout games, and it's frustrating to watch a lot of times. According to Kerr, many coaches in the NBA disapprove of that, but they don't have much power to change something except talking with the refs and pointing out when a player is flopping.

We have gone overboard on the offense side, and I think we need to give the defense a bit of a chance. So the plays you see with the pump fake and jumping four feet to the defender or three feet to the side, and we are giving those guys free throws. We need to eliminate that staff. Or a guy coming off the pick-n-roll and defender tries to fight over, and you grab his arm, go up, and it's a foul. Every coach in the league talks about it, and we've gone so overboard. We have to get back and giving the defense a chance, especially because of the skill level.

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The lack of defense is grueling to watch, and fans have complained about the high-scoring games where sometimes you don't see much more than players jacking up threes most of the time. Kerr wants to give more power to defense to balance out the game.

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I think the fans don't want to see 152-148, I think fans want to see defense. They want to see a team's ability to make a stand. It doesn't mean we need to go back to holding and grabbing but stop rewarding the offensive player for flopping and the BS. We have to go back and give the defense a chance, and I think almost every coach in the league agrees with me.

Steve Kerr, via ">BasketballNews

We've often seen players not getting called for traveling violations, which gets Kerr incredibly frustrated. The league and the refs are blatantly allowing this to happen, and rules on how travel is interpreted are different than several years ago. It allows much more power to the offense and allows players to get away with a lot of things.

The traveling interpretation has changed to the point that we are not allowing it, but we are validating it. It's weird because it doesn't make sense. If everybody thinks it's a travel except for the refs, then what are we missing. So I think they changed the rule and the interpretation of it, and it's another thing where we have gone overboard giving the offensive players an advantage, and it's become too difficult to defend now.

Steve Kerr, via ">BasketballNews

The NBA wants to have an attractive up-tempo style of play in which many points are scored, and there is nothing wrong with that because they believe it will bring viewership. However, numerous fans and analysts recognized that some things have gotten out of hand regarding tolerating plays that simply don't belong in the sport. Kerr brought up some good points, and hopefully, the NBA can listen to the fans and the coaches and address those things because they would improve the quality of the game.

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