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Steph's hilarious tampering explanation


Remember when Eric Bledsoe tweeted, "I don't want to be here," an obvious comment on his status with the Suns? Everybody knew Bledsoe wanted to get traded, but he insisted the tweet wasn't about that. According to Eric, he was in a hair salon with his wife, and he was tweeting about that. Yeah. Well, Steph Curry might've topped that explanation.

The Bucks were playing the Warriors, and Curry turned on his baby blues, gave Giannis the most loving stare and told him, "Come on, man, let's do this." Lip reading is not an exact science, but we can be confident Steph said that, or something to the likes of that, because he confirmed it.

The main issue with players tampering is that it's impossible to prevent and prove. Players interact and talk all the time, there's no way to police that. Except when they admit it. So, what did Wardell Stephen Curry II. have to say for himself?

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“I reached out to Steph via text, and he told me, all he was doing was giving Giannis his gamer tag for an online game called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. He said he told Giannis, "Come see me on this game, we can do some damage. Let's do it. Come on."”

Chris Haynes, via Twitter

There you go, Mr. Commisoner, nothing to see here. Just two gaming enthusiasts talking about their passion for online multiplayer battle royale games. This situation is yet another example of why trying to regulate and control tampering in the NBA is pointless.

Especially in the player empowerment era, where we see the league lets the players get away with more and more of stuff like this. Kawhi, Paul George, LeBron, and Davis showed us the GM's are slowly becoming secondary in team building, so until the NBA is willing to put their foot down with the players, the battle against tampering is all for show.

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