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Stephon Marbury explains why LeBron James shouldn't be in the GOAT conversation


In the GOAT discussion that has been very active throughout the social media channels in recent years, many shared their views on the never-ending debate if LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan and vice versa.

Even some former NBA players shared their thoughts on the whole debate, and the recent one was Stephon Marbury, former NBA All-Star and now a basketball legend in China, where he’s been playing for several years now.

Marbury stressed out a pretty important aspect of the game, which goes in favor of MJ in comparison to LeBron, and it’s shooting. Marbury is convinced LeBron can’t shoot, and he wasn’t afraid to express himself.

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“You can’t shoot. You can’t shoot LeBron. How are you going to be better than Michael Jordan, and you can’t shoot? You can’t make a f**ing free throw.”

In the video, Stephon talks about a lot of different things from the player’s perspective, but at the last minute, he completely goes off against LeBron and says there is no way he is better than Michael Jordan.

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