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Stephen Curry is on track to pass Magic Johnson as the greatest point guard of all time

Sam Cassell believes Steph Curry is already 2nd in greatest point guard list behind Magic Johnson. Here's what Steph has to do to lock up the no. 1 spot.
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson

Steph Curry and Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is widely considered the greatest point guard of all time. He had it all regarding leadership, flair, titles, and records. But Stephen Curry is building the case to become the greatest point guard ever. Here are the reasons why.

Sam Cassell thinks highly of Stephen Curry

Another great point guard has tipped his hat to Chef Curry: Sam Cassell. The 3-time champion already put the Golden State Warriors star second on his list of greatest point guards of all-time behind Magic. Cassell was a guest on Showtime Basketball and shared his thoughts on the topic.

Steph Curry this year... He's second now. That’s my opinion. He’s second behind Magic as the Point God. He’s that damn good. Handles, he can pass it, he can shoot it, he can shoot the mid-range, he got layups, he got floaters, he's stronger now. I don't know how long he's going to play, but he ain't chasing records, he's just chasing championships."

Sam now serves as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia 76ers. His giving props to another point guard proves one thing: Steph Curry is on the verge of being the best point guard of all time.

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Why Steph Curry will soon dethrone Magic Johnson?

Magic’s only edge right now is having one more title than Curry. If (or when) Steph wins his 5th title and then some, then his stake as the best PG ever will have become stronger than ever.

In terms of impact and changing the game forever, Steph was responsible for young kids training their 3-point shooting more than their handles and drives to the basket. Someone who isn’t as tall or athletic has achieved record-breaking success at the highest level, and it gives the fans hope that they could make it in the NBA if they work hard and believe in themselves.

Magic spearheaded the Showtime Lakers, and his rivalry with Larry Bird saved the NBA and made it into a global viewing powerhouse. His point guard skills with the height of a center broke the stereotypes and changed how the game was played. Thanks to him, we can now see LeBron James and Nikola Jokic dominate the games.

Curry has taken care of his body after struggling with injuries in his early years in the league. If he remains injury-free, he could still play for five years, meaning more records would be broken by the time he hangs it up.

Steph is set to overtake Magic in terms of popularity too. In the age of social media, Curry’s scoring exploits have made headlines all over the world. Magic Johnson is Magic Johnson, but if Steph Curry wins his 5th title, the debate over who the greatest point guard is will be over. 

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