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Stephen A.Smith responds to Kwame Brown while showing his NBA lowlights: 'You couldn't play'

kwame and smith

Stephen A.Smith made a special segment in which he finally responded to all the criticism he and other former NBA players and celebrities received from Kwame Brown. At first, it seemed Smith didn't want to give the whole situation too much attention, but Kwame's consistency in his criticism towards multiple people initiated a much-need response from Smith.

He immediately stated that nobody ever said anything wrong about Kwame as a person; however, the criticism he received was for his basketball skill set. Smith said his attacks on all those people were uncalled for, especially the statement he made about black men not supporting each other, which seemed to trigger Smith the most.

Under most normal circumstances, I have considerably better things to do with my time, but Kwame Brown got my attention, and he has it now. I didn't have to do this, but he made me. I don't have a single negative thing to say about Kwame Brown, the person, nothing personal, never have. No one out there has been attacking him personally either. That includes Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, who he really got personal, and Matt Barnes haven't said a word. But Kwame Brown is getting personal with everybody and talking a whole bunch of smack. Saying we don't support black men, really? The only negative thing anybody ever said about Kwame Brown is that he couldn't play a lick of basketball, and newsflash that wasn't a lie.

Stephen A. Smith, via ESPN

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The brutal part of Smith's rant against Kwame was when he started showing all the lowlights from Kwame's career in the Charlotte Hornets. Smith said that he had so much video footage that proofs Kwame was a horrible player, which was the main reason behind all the negative comments about him. It will be interesting to see if Kwame responds to this, but if he does, he will probably be vocal and direct in the same way he was so far on his social media platforms. Who knows how long this beef between Kwame Brown and all the others will last.

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