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Stephen A.Smith explains why Steph Curry is more like Jordan than LeBron

Stephen A.Smith & Steph Curry

Stephen A.Smith on why Curry is more like Jordan then LeBron

According to Stephen A.Smith, Steph Curry is more like Michael Jordan than LeBron James is at this point in their careers.

Curry is more like Jordan than LeBron

We've heard numerous crazy takes from Stephen A.Smith about various NBA players throughout the years, and some of them were pretty accurate, but some were pretty absurd. This time he talked about the comparison between Steph Curry and Michael Jordan, saying Curry is closer to Jordan than LeBron.

Even though some would think that was an absurd statement, Smith provided interesting reasoning behind it, implying that Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. On top of that, he talked about his consistency in shooting the ball efficiently, transforming how the world views shooters. He also won numerous individual and team accolades that solidified his legacy and proved you could have a player like that to be your leader and at the same time have tremendous success.

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"Here's why Steph Curry is more like but not better but more like MJ. Steph Curry is the greatest shooter God ever created. We applaud dudes that shot 40 percent from three-point range a season. Do you know that Steph Curry has done that every single season he's played? The only season he didn't do it was when he played 5 games due to injury, and that was it. Other than that, Steph Curry has shot better than 40 percent from three-point range every single year of his entire career. He is a career 41.8 percent three-point shooter. He is a career 24 point per game scorer. He is a two-time league MVP; he is a 3-time champion. He went to five straight NBA finals, and I know what LeBron did playing in the eastern conference, but Steph Curry has been that dude at 6'3" with unbelievable, incomparable range."

Fear factor is real when playing against Curry

Smith also brought up the fear element to the game, which MJ possessed in which other teams and his defenders were afraid when he was on offense. The same type of fear factor applies to Steph Curry, with his unlimited range, making him an automatic treat every time he crosses half-court on offense. We've seen him make impossible shots for almost anywhere on the court numerous times in his career.

"When you thought about going against MJ you were scared to death of how to defend him, and Steph Curry got you scared the second he goes past half-court. The second he steps past half court, you are scared. So what happens is that it spreads the defense, and it makes every defense vulnerable to all the parts around Steph Curry because you are opening enough shots for the Jordan Poole's and Tuscano Andersen, and the list goes on and on."

It's hard to debate these types of opinions because everyone has their personal preferences when having this conversation. There is no question Curry will go down as the greatest shooter of all time, especially now that he is so close to breaking Ray Allen's record for the most three-pointers scored in a game that might happen tomorrow against the Sixers. It's somewhat ungrateful comparing anyone to Michael Jordan no matter who it is, but both LeBron and Curry established themselves as one of the greatest players of their generation. So when it's all said and done, they'll have an impeccable legacy behind them that only a few others can match.

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