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Steph Curry doesn’t like how comfortable the Golden State Warriors have gotten with losing

Coming out of the All-Star break, the Dubs have lost four straight games and won only twice in their last ten games.
Steph Curry 

Steph Curry 

The Golden State Warriors started the season strong, winning nine out of their first ten games. Many were optimistic because right after these nine wins, the Dubs went on to win seven straight games and only lost once in the next ten games.

Steph Curry looked like he would win MVP again, Andrew Wiggins became an All-Star, Klay Thompson returned and looked like he still belonged in the NBA, while Draymond Green showed why he’s one of if not the best Defensive Player on the team.

But sadly, this came to an end when Green suffered a back injury.

Since Green’s back injury, the Warriors’ record has been 15-15. They’re a below-average team, and their weaknesses were exposed with Green out.

The Warriors have lost four straight games and won only twice in their last ten games after the All-Star break. They are still 2nd in the West, but the Grizzlies are right behind them and looked poised to finish the season above the Warriors in the rankings.

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So, to say things have gone downhill is a pretty fair assessment for the Dubs.

Giving in to a losing mentality. We’re not that team. I’m not going to let us be that team,” Curry said after Saturday’s loss to the struggling Los Angeles Lakers.

There is room for error.

Because the Warriors started the season so hot, their current struggles aren’t costing them much. They’re still in the second seed of the Western Conference and will reportedly get Green back in the next seven or ten days. So at least, the Warriors have room to make mistakes and can still rub off their losing habits with 18 games left in their schedule.

“Eighty-two games is a long look. If you’d have told us in March that we’d be in this spot, and Klay’s going to miss half a season — and oh, by the way, Draymond’s going to miss a bunch of time — you’d take it. But how it has happened is always kind of hard to digest.

Steph Curry, The Athletic

The Warriors need to go back to their winning ways

Besides getting Green back, the Warriors also need to rediscover the form they had at the beginning of the season when they won all those games. From having a top-five offense in the league, the Warriors have dropped to tenth (111.8 in offensive rating per 100 possessions) but still maintain the top defense (105.5 per 100 possessions).

However, they’re 29th in the league in turnovers per game and haven’t gotten the same production from Thompson, Wiggins, and some of their role players. But the good news is that when Green is back, their defense and playmaking will improve once again.

The Warriors need to get healthy and hope that Thompson and Wiggins show up in the Playoffs as they did before the All-Star break.

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