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Steph Curry checks his Twitter mentions after bad first half performances


NBA players feed off of hate. Award snubs, boos on the road, bitter former players -- they all fuel the best of the best and give them something to prove. But what happens when the hate source is dry? That's when players get creative.

Shaq made up a story about David Robinson and a denied autograph at the age of 13. Michael Jordan contrived a trash-talk by LaBradford Smith just to stoke a competitive fire for his revenge game. Mamba torched the self-proclaimed Kobe Stoppers out of pure spite. The point is, they all have a different way of going about it but a need to prove someone wrong is always there.

For Steph Curry, the source is never dry. As his former teammate Andrew Bogut discovered on the Rogue Bogues Podcast, the Warriors superstar has a habit of checking his Twitter mentions after a bad first-half performance just to see what people are saying. No matter the matchup or the venue he's playing at, Curry always finds the slights that motivate him to bounce back.

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He'll check his mentions at halftime when he has a bad half. It's the craziest sh-t I ever saw. Yeah, Steph, if he had a bad half, he would go on social media and then come out and drop 30 in the second half.

Andrew Bogut, Rogue Bogues

Steph's Twitter must've looked ugly after a scoreless first half against the Houston Rockets in Game 6 of their second-round playoff series in '19. That's why Curry exploded for 33 in the second half of a closeout game, in what he described as the best 18 minutes of his NBA career. We can only assume what he saw on his phone during halftime had something to do with it.

Dub Nation, you know what to do when your superstar is having a slow night. The same goes for all other 29 teams in the association when facing the Warriors.

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