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Steph Curry and Draymond Green comment on the rule changes implemented by the NBA

curry and draymond

After their last night win against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Draymond Green and Steph Curry both said how the rules changes implemented by the NBA are one of the best things that happened to the league.

Draymond Green is happy about the changes

Before the season started NBA introduced several rule changes that no longer benefit the offensive players that are used to initiating contact and therefore going to the free-throw line more frequently than others. Players were abusing the system that worked in their favor, and the defensive players were often at the mercy of referees when trying to play physical defense.

That is why players like Draymond Green, whose main task is to guard the best opposing players, is happy to see NBA put an end to foul baiting and actually enabling defenses to have a chance on that end of the floor. It makes the game more fluid, faster, and better to watch.

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Can I also say how satisfying it has been to watch the game of basketball without all those bulls--t calls?" Green said. "I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to curse in interviews, right? Can I say how satisfying it is to watch the game without all those terrible calls? That guys [are] cheating the game and grabbing guys and getting the foul. I've been really enjoying watching basketball this year.

Curry admited he was abusing the system before

Flopping and baiting for fouls have been a recurring team for the past couple of years, making the game pretty unwatchable. The product and the overall quality of the game were in significant decline, so the NBA made one of the best decisions ever when they eliminated that completely. Green even admitted he stopped watching games because of guys cheating the game all the time.

"I kind of had stopped watching the NBA a bit because it was too much flailing and flopping and guys cheating the game to get free throws. I think that's been great and I would be remissed if I didn't mention that. I think that has been fantastic."

His teammate Steph Curry agrees with Green, saying it's much better for the overall quality of the game. Even though Curry admitted he was also one of the players that exploited the system, he is happy now that the league made the necessary changes because it's a big improvement.

It's obviously way better to watch…I usеd to likе them when it worked out for you. The first prеseason game, I triеd to draw a fоul. Yоu just get rid of that impulse. Figure out what other options you have. It's grеat for the gamе.

It's good to hear the league listen to fans, players, and coaches on what needs to improve and are willing to implement it immediately. It's already apparent the game is more fluid; there are fewer free throws, the game doesn't last as long, and it seems it was the right move by the NBA leadership to introduce these changes. Hopefully, we'll see additional improvements in the near future that will elevate the quality of the game even more.

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