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Stacey King claims Luka Doncic reminds him of Michael Jordan: "When I saw him do that, it brought back MJ"

Former Bulls player Stacey King claims the way Doncic trash-talked the Suns in the playoffs reminded him of Michael Jordan
Former Chicago Bulls players compares Luka Doncic to Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic is only 23 years old, but former players see greatness in his game that resembles the greatness of some NBA legends, including the GOAT.

Similarities between MJ and Doncic

Stacey King played five seasons in Chicago and won three titles with Michael Jordan. Mostly relegated to the bench, King had observed many traits of MJ on and off the court and is convinced Luka Doncic also possessed the same competitive fire.

“You know all that talking that Devin Booker and all those guys were doing that upset Luka Doncic. I remember after the game, they’re walking off and Luka had made some comment about some players talk when you have a lead. And when I saw him do that, it brought back MJ. That’s something MJ would do. That’s something Larry Bird would do. Like okay, you want to talk trash, now you don’t. You woke me up and now I’m getting ready to make you pay. And I thought that was the turning point in the series,” King said.

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King pointed to this incident where Luka had something to say to Booker and the Phoenix Suns players. And unfortunately for the Suns' fans, the team was served with humble pie. After being up 3-2 in the series, Booker and company were sent home in Game 7 via a masterclass from the Slovenian wunderkind.

This series, where Dallas practically had no business winning, was one for the books. The Luka magic would only build from here. The rest of the league has been warned: don’t poke the bear or you'll suffer the consequences.

Why Luka’s game is destined for greatness

Doncic battled with men as a teenager in Real Madrid. His poise, maturity, and awareness were above average for a rookie when he entered the league. Now, the 23-year-old’s game speaks for itself. He’s added something new in his arsenal every season, whether with passing, shooting, or defending. Mavs fans have the right to be excited about what Luka brings to the table when he enters his prime years four to five years from now.

Doncic plays at his own pace. He’s a mix of James Harden, LeBron James, and Larry Bird in the sense that he can control games by being the focal point of the offense. Defenders can’t figure him out because he’s also very cerebral in creating plays for others. Doncic knows when to attack the smaller guys and get past the bigger guys. As good as the Mavs star is now, this isn’t his best version yet. 

What we’ve seen so far was how Luka Doncic performs when he’s taking things personally, just like Michael Jordan. And according to Stacey, he's played to the standard of No.23.


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