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Sir Charles has a conspiracy theory about kale and salad


Kyrie Irving currently holds the MVP title for conspiracy theories in the NBA. We're still not sure if Kyrie knows the Earth is not flat, despite his apology to a science teacher. Steph had his skepticism about landing on the Moon but never stuck to it long enough to put Kyrie's title in jeopardy. Enter Charles Barkley.

Chuck was on a segment on TNT, and the topic was Superbowl food. One of the most significant debates every Superbowl week is what's the perfect food to serve while watching the most viewed sports event of the year. The dilemma presented to Sir Charles was simple: pigs in a blanket or kale chips. The answer is no surprise to anyone; Barkley went with pigs in a blanket. He also shared his opinion on kale.

“Kale is not a thing. Kale is just lettuce, they changed the name so they can charge you more.”

Charles Barkley

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Look, Sir Charles is one of the NBA's most respected food connoisseur, but I don't think he researched this one. But, the reason we love Charles Barkley is he sticks to his guns even when it's not popular. Do you think he went a bit far about kale? It's not his only lettuce take.

“That's like when you go to these salad places, and they got five different types of lettuce. I'm like 'NO'; there's not five types, it's just lettuce. They're all the same, they're called lettuce.”

Charles Barkley

I'm thinking the same thing. Charles Barkley went to a "salad place"??? It must've been by accident, or someone told him about it. Anyhow, to sum up, Barkley's position: kale is just lettuce, and so is every other type of lettuce - lettuce is lettuce, and that's it. Have no fear; Sir Charles also exposed Big Yoga and Big Curling.

“Yoga is nothing but stretching. They just call it yoga so they can charge you more. Curling is not a sport, it's called dusting. Everybody can dust.” 

Charles Barkley

At this point, you're convinced we're making this stuff up. Lucky for us, deep fake technology is still not advanced enough to fake the video as good as this. See for yourself. 

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