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Should the Knicks pursue Bradley Beal?


The New York Knicks tasted the Playoffs for the first time in a long while. If they want to build on the momentum next season, they should gamble everything and get Bradley Beal.

Bradley Beal-Julius Randle team up 

New York can sign Beal to form a Batman and Robin team up with Julius Randle. However, getting the combo guard could cost New York a lot. According to NBA Analysis Network, this trade scenario could work if the Knicks will let go of RJ Barrent, Obi Toppin, Kevin Knox and future draft picks. Tom Thibodeau would practically lose half of his roster to get a chance to coach Bradley.

But if the franchise is serious in its initial success this year, they should gamble and sign Beal. The Washington Wizards star averaged 31 points in the 2020-2021 season. He is at his peak and it would be a waste to spend his peak years in a non-contending team like the Wizards.

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The Beal-Randle pairing could tilt the balance of power in the East. The Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers were in the top 4 in the East this year. The Knicks would be a legitimate candidate for home-court in the first round with Beal on the team.

Why Beal to Knicks might not happen

The Florida Gators' alum is eligible to sign an extension with the Wizards in the offseason. If he waits and signs in the offseason next year, he would be entitled to a five-year max contract. However, Bradley must decide whether he would remain loyal to the city or ring chase somewhere at this point of his career. There will not be a shortage of teams wanting to get him. 

Washington made the Playoffs this year. But let’s be real, Russell Westbrook ain't getting younger (and isn't the best playoff player we have in the league). He can still put up a triple-double but his massive contract is also a one major injury away from preventing the team from signing other free agents. If the management decides to rebuild, it must start with trading away their max player to get decent players and good picks in the future. New York can give them both.

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