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Should Los Angeles Lakers fans be worried Anthony Davis hasn’t touched a basketball since April 5?

This is the dude who was supposed to receive the torch from LeBron James and carry the Lakers franchise after winning his first championship in the 2020 NBA Bubble.
Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

This weekend, Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis was featured in a video published by FaZe Clan, specifically by the Nuke Squad. The whole video initially aimed to feature Davis' visit to the Nuke Squad's luxurious abode, but unfortunately, the internet works in mysterious ways these days.

In typical 2022 fashion, NBA Twitter users cut out a specific clip from the video where Davis admitted that he hadn't held a basketball since "probably" April 5.

For context, April 5 was the same day the Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention after losing to the Pheonix Suns. It also happened to be Davis' last appearance of the season, as he didn't bother suiting up for the Lakers' last three games for obvious reasons.

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So to put it all together, Davis in this video is likely saying that he hasn't held a basketball since his last regular-season game. And from the looks of it, it seems he's spending his summer with computer gamers instead of working on his game.

Lakers fans are exasperated

When fans hear their star say they haven't touched a basketball for two months after not even making it to the Play-In tournament, of course, it's frustrating. It also doesn't help that AD is coming off two mediocre seasons plagued with serious ligament injuries. This was the dude that was supposed to receive the torch from LeBron James and carry the Lakers franchise after winning his first championship in the 2020 NBA Bubble.

Remember, AD's shooting has declined over the past two years as well, as he went from averaging 33% from the 3-point in 2020 to an abysmal 18%(!!) in 2022. In the last two seasons, 298 players averaged two 3-point attempts, and guess who ranked 298? Anthony Davis. He went from being the most dominant and complete big man in the game to frankly an unreliable "superstar."

What Lakers fans need to understand

Davis once mentioned his usual training timeline in an exit interview in 2021. According to the one-time champion, he does start his summer by spending time away from the sport. Afterward, he divides the last 12 weeks into weights exercises and basketball-related training.

So based on the clip that went around, it makes sense why AD hasn't touched a basketball yet if he is following the same offseason timeline. Note that the last time Davis had a whole summer off, he went on to win the championship in 2020. However, it's valid for fans to feel turned off by him not touching a basketball since April 5 because, after all, they want Davis to work on his game and be better.

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