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SHOULD HAVE ANTHONY DAVIS BEEN SUSPENDED for Game 6 after karate-chopping Jae Crowder?


In the midst of the 2020 NBA Finals ending, an interesting question came up. A question regarding an incident that happened in game 5 of the LA - Miami series that could have potentially changed the outcome of the now final game.

What is the incident in question? Well, it is Anthony Davis apparently channeling his inner "Daniel-san" and straight-up karate-chopping Jae Crowder in the neck while the two were on the ground.

The incident happened early in the third quarter when AD and Jae got into an entanglement on the hardwood while Lebron James was driving for a layup:

Looks like a flagrant from this angle, doesn't it?

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However, according to NBC Sports Kurt Helin, the angle is most likely a camera trick, as according to him, the refs made the right call on that play:

"I’ve been able to view other angles of the incident (which are not public) — particularly the baseline camera angle — and from those angles, Davis catches Crowder more in the neck and pushes him, it’s not a punch. It should have been a common foul in my view, but from those angles, you could even debate if it’s a foul."

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports

Since the NBA reviews all of the camera footage in question from every game played, it is unlikely that the incident was truly misjudged.

However, without seeing other camera angles, we can't help but wonder if the incident in question is another potential conspiracy of the league's favoritism towards Lebron and his Lakers.

On the other hand, the call was never called, and the LA Lakers came out victorious in game 6 fair and square, so maybe Heat fans should let bygones be bygones and be proud of their team for making it this far.

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