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Shawn Marion is tired of fans criticizing his jump shot: "Get the fu*k out of here. Suck my di*k!"

Former NBA champion Shawn Marion goes on a rant defending his legacy
Shawn Marion goes on a rant defending his NBA career

Shawn Marion jump shot with the Dallas Mavericks

Kobe Bryant shot 32.9% from three throughout his career. Shawn Marion converted 33.1% of his attempts from deep. The former is labeled a good three-point shooter; the latter is held up as an object of ridicule.

Shawn Marion's rant

The artistry of the late Lakers legend concealed his lack of efficiency from long range, and the exact opposite happened to The Matrix. The volume of shots matters -- Kobe attempted 4.1 threes per game compared to Marion's 2.1 -- but the discrepancy between numbers doesn't justify the disparity in narratives. 

For all his statistical arguments, Marion's case to be labeled as a reliable three-point shooter ends with his form. The stylistic part about one's jump shot is usually secondary -- as long the ball goes in, it doesn't matter how bad it looks. But it seems that's the only thing people talk about when discussing Marion's career. And the former NBA champion has had enough.

"I was a very consistent jump shooter. So you’re gonna sit there and tell me you wanna talk about my motherfu*king shot, but don’t wanna talk about everything else I do on the fu*king floor? Get the fu*k out of here. Suck my di*k!"

Shawn Marion, Twitter Spaces

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"Like seriously, I’m averaging 20 plus points and over ten rebounds a game at 6-7 in a league that's dominated by bigs at the time, dominated by power forwards and centers," Marion continued. "And I’m getting two blocks, and I’m getting two-plus steals per game. And you want to sit there and talk about my motherfu*king shot? Don't nobody in the league shoot the fu*king same."

All the things he did do

Being one of the best two-way NBA players for over a decade isn't enough. Being one of the rare double digits rebounders at the small forward position isn't enough. Having two All-NBA selections and four All-Star selections to his name also isn't enough. 

None of those matter and all people seem to talk about is his unorthodox jump shot.

NBA fans are hardwired for calling out players for all the things they haven't done. But throughout his 16-year career, The Matrix has done enough for fans to see past his shooting form. And even with what many would describe as one of the ugliest forms in NBA history, Marion was a much better shooter than people give him credit for. 

If the numbers didn't convince you, maybe his explicit yet justifiable rant will.

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