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Shaquille O'Neal shares why he needs to make other people happy

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Apart from being an absolute NBA legend and one of the most dominant players in league history, Shaquille O'Neal's big personality is something that sets him apart. He often helps people around him in different ways, which we've seen on multiple occasions. The amount of positive energy that surrounds him is incredible, and he shares that with other people around him as much as he can. Shaq has a positive outlook on life and tries to make others around him happy, even complete strangers.

In an interview for BasketballNews featuring Rex Chapman, Shaq talks about the importance of elevating others which can be done through simple interactions. Shaq is a jokester in his true nature, and his goal is to make others around him laugh, especially if he feels someone is tensed or pressured. He also discussed his favorite movie that can immediately get him into a good movie, and it's none other than the famous comedy Step Brothers featuring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

I want to be the guy that when you see my face, I wanna make you smile. Because when you smile, it releases endorphins in the face, and hopefully, that could jump-start you to being little stress-free. When I get stressed out I watch Stepbrothers, that's the movie I'm watching. Don't touch my f***ing drum set! I go to that part. It makes me laugh. Then I could calm down and be like, okay what's the problem? And I can figure it out. So I want to be a guy that can make you laugh.

Shaquille O'Neal, via BasketballNews

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Ever since he came to the NBA, Shaq was an exciting individual that learned how to live in the spotlight and make the best out of it. He became one of the most successful basketball players and later entrepreneurs that owns multiple businesses, and a big part of that success was his positive outlook. He tries to share that energy with everyone as much as possible, which is seen in almost every public appearance he makes. We need more people like Shaq in this world, but then again, people like that are truly come only once in a million times.

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