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Shaq picks five NBA players he would want beside him in an MMA fight


Shaquille O'Neal has been involved in a fair share of on-court scuffles. But off the court, he never allowed himself to get into trouble. O'Neal's secret- his ability to stop time every time it seems things might go south.

A guy one time, he pushed me. So now I stop time. There's four guys in the bar, that's four witnesses. The camera's right there; that's another witness. The guy's drunk; I could probably beat him up and get away with it. So now, if I can stop time, there's nobody there, and there's no camera there, and the bar guy is a friend of mine like Rex (Chapman), I'm gonna knock this guy's fuc*ing head off.

Shaquille O'Neal, The Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins

At the risk of someone falsely accusing him of being the one who started it, trying to avoid hurting the drunk guy, Shaq kept himself out of it. He didn't want to bring that type of publicity to his family, himself, the bar, or the instigator. And he kept the same critical thinking throughout his entire life, despite being a 7'1'' giant with an MMA background and having the will to engage in a brawl or two.

I really love to fight, that's the crazy thing, but I always say to myself, 'I don't want my mom sitting on the couch seeing me at a bar fight.' And then, let's go street terms. I'm not really familiar with this bar; this dude could have a strap, so I don't wanna fight, and a lot of times, I'm able to stop time.

Shaquille O'Neal, The Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins

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The NBA was a different thing. Shaq was much more selective when to use his ability to stop the time and used NBA arenas to satisfy his need for fighting, maximizing the league's more lenient throwing hands policy compared to today's NBA climate. As such, O'Neal got into a physical tussle with Brad Miller, Alvin Robertson, Andrew Bynum, and most notably, Charles Barkley.

But it seems none of those guys impressed Shaq with their fighting repertoires. Because, when it came down to picking five other NBA players he would want beside him in a cage fight against five of the strongest MMA fighters ever, Shaq listed none of the four.

One I'm taking LJ, Larry Johnson. I'm taking Xavier McDaniel, I'm taking Charles Oakley, I'm taking Gary Trent, and I'm taking Ruben Patterson.

Shaquille O'Neal, The Rex Chapman Show with Josh Hopkins

There's something we would all pay to watch. No time stopping allowed.

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