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Shannon Sharpe apologizes for causing an altercation with the Memphis Grizzlies -"I take full accountability for what transpired"

Shannon Sharpe finally issued an apology for his actions at the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night
Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. While sitting courtside at the Arena attending the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Sharpe ended up getting into a shouting match with pretty much the entire Grizzlies team right as halftime hit. Sharpe wasn't kicked out of the game and was allowed to return to his seat before the start of the third quarter.

Sharpe offers an apology for his actions at the Lakers-Grizzlies game

Immediately after the incident, Sharpe got roasted for his actions, which prompted this altercation. Sharpe had no business getting himself involved in this game and, ironically enough, became the person he once claimed to despise on a segment of Undisputed. It definitely wasn't a great look for the NFL Hall of Famer.

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With the game taking place on Friday night, Sharpe opted to lay low over the next two days as the backlash for his actions continued to mount. But on Monday morning, making a return to Undisputed, Sharpe couldn't hide any longer, and he decided to finally issue an apology for causing a scene at the game, taking the blame for his actions and saying that he was in the wrong.

Sharpe's apology is nice, but it may not change much

It's good to see that Sharpe recognizes his actions were childish and ended up disrupting an NBA game. But again, it's worth noting that Sharpe is lucky that he has the name recognition that he has. Had this been any normal "pedestrian," as Dillon Brooks so eloquently labeled him, they would have likely been kicked out of the game immediately and banned from the Arena for quite some time.

But Sharpe stuck around for the rest of the game without any more incidents taking place. In a sense, that's a win considering what had initially transpired, but it just goes to show how messed up this situation is. Either way, it's all in the past now, and with Sharpe apologizing for his actions, everyone can move on with their lives and begin to focus on the upcoming NBA trade deadline.

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