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Scottie Pippen supports Kevin Durant's trade request: "It’s what the owners have been doing to the players for years"

When Kevin Durant asked to be traded away, a lot of people were up in arms. But Scottie Pippen supports the Brooklyn Nets star and talked about how loyalty isn't much valued in today's NBA.
Scottie Pippen supports Kevin Durant trade request: It’s what the owners have been doing to the players for years

Kevin Durant wants out, and fans and critics are all up in arms with his latest controversial decision

Scottie Pippen is with Kevin Durant in his decision to ask for a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. The Chicago Bulls forward claims it's what the owners have been doing in the past years. Now, when the players do it, it's wrong.

It's what the owners have been doing to the players for years

Kevin Durant wants out, and fans and critics are all up in arms with his latest controversial decision. For others, Durant has not won anything yet for Brooklyn, and suddenly demanding to be traded just revealed his true colors. However, Kevin has a friend in Scottie Pippen who thinks his trade request is justified. Pippen made a guest appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio and shared his thought about loyalty in today's NBA.

"You know, that's the game today. Players control their own destiny and not much loyalty is needed on either side of the table anymore. I'm fine with it, to be honest. I kind of like how the players have their freedom to change and it's what the owners have been doing to players for years. So, they just even the playing field, to me. I don't feel bad for what KD is doing at all."

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Scottie touched a bit on the loyalty side of basketball today. That was a sacred thing back in their days. Players refused to join superstar teams or shy away from demanding a trade, but current superstars change jerseys when things start to go south. In KD's case, people bashed him because the front office did all they could to give him the support he needed. So there's still a chance to create something better in Brooklyn after the ugly Kyrie Irving and James Harden drama. Yes, it's KD's prerogative where he would play next. But also, the owners are left without a chance to compete or see the fruits of their plans.

Loyalty and player empowerment

Durant abused player empowerment, but he's choosing what's best for him. But, as Pippen mentioned, the owners have been doing this for years, deciding what's best for them, so now it's payback time.

When can we say that a trade request is fair and justified after a player signed a massive contract? Is it the years he stayed on the team? If Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal thinks about chasing rings, will they be vilified like KD?

What irked fans is that Kevin Durant is Kevin Durant. He doesn't need to chase rings. He could win one in any team he's on if he wants to. Leaving the Nets in disarray to win a title in other cities is a head-scratching move. If Irving stays and Ben Simmons is healthy, The Slim Reaper's chance of getting to the finals becomes higher than any team he would hypothetically join.

This is a perfect example of when too much power is bestowed in the wrong hands. Player empowerment has tipped the scale in favor of the players. So let's see how the NBA balances out things. 

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