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SCOTTIE PIPPEN ON "SNITCHING" IN THE BUBBLE “If you see something, report it”


"Snitches get stitches" - a phrase we all heard growing up and is the hottest topic of the NBA bubble right now. The league established a snitching hotline for anonymous tips about people in the bubble breaking rules, and there have already been a few calls. 

Sure enough, everyone assumed it was Chris Paul. He was trending on Twitter for a while! Whoever it was, it started a conversation - should players use the hotline? I think they should. There are always people trying to break the rules, and the consequences this time could be too serious to ignore. I'm happy to say I've got the best no.2 guy in NBA history agreeing with me. 

“I'm OK with that. I think they want to ensure everybody is safe. You need everybody's eyes and ears working to make sure they keep that bubble safe. One outbreak could cost them the whole season. A lot is riding on this. If you see something, report it.”

Scottie Pippen, The Jump

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Snitching is primarily an issue when you tell one someone doing something that doesn't impact you in any way. When you're trying to maintain a safety bubble, almost everything you do could endanger the bubble's integrity and affect everyone involved. 

Health, safety, and a whole lot of money are at stake. Keep in mind; there are teams there that have no shot of making the playoffs. We don't doubt the Bucks and Lakers are going to do everything they can to stay healthy; they intend to be there in late September. But if you're playing for the Wizards? Young people all over the world are disregarding guidelines and rules because the virus doesn't affect them as seriously on a large scale. 

“People have preexisting conditions. If you go and do something that you're not supposed to do, you're putting other people's lives at risk. Now I understand we are talking about 20 and 21-year-olds. The message needs to be - don't do it [break the rules].”

Richard Jefferson, The Jump

The rulebook is over 100 pages long, and players will need to get used to the new lifestyle. There will be honest mistakes, like Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo when he inadvertently left his room during the initial quarantine period after arriving in Orlando.

But picking up food orders from outside the bubble or inviting IG models to visit isn't inadvertent nor intelligent. As Stephen A. said - snitch away! 

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