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Scottie Pippen explains how he developed a consistent jump shot after the early struggles in his career shooting the ball

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In the recent ESPN's show "The Jump", Scottie Pippen talked about his inability to make jump shots consistently in the early days of his NBA career. Pippen is known as one of the most versatile players in league history, however, when he entered the NBA his shooting wasn't on point. This eventually made him come up with different ways and methods of improving his shot, especially from the three-point land.

"I hadn't built that respect yet where I could just pull up that shot up and make the team come out and get me. It was very difficult for me my first three to four years playing against teams that knew what was my tentative and that was to drive the ball to the basket. When the time came for me to be a passer it was very difficult for me to even pass the ball into the post. I had to work on that and build it over time before I became a shooter or a threat from the outside where teams had to come out and play me."

Pippen realized his team can benefit a lot from him developing a consistent jump shot so he worked really hard to gain that momentum in game situations. In the early days of his career, Pippen was a mediocre shooter from the three-point, however, he had a pretty solid overall shooting percentage. Over a span of couple of season he developed a solid three-point shot and at one point in his career he even shot 37 percent from the far beyond. This made opponents respect him even more from the perimeter and that helped his team in many ways.

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"I would go in the gym and just work shooting one and if I miss it grab it and force myself to push it back and shot again. I just built that momentum through working by myself and as I got into game situations. I had to judge the timing of when to take those shots. I didn't get into a situation where was a go-to shot for me in the fourth quarter. I eventually built on it and over time I became a threat from the three-point line."

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