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Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman believe there are no real rivalries in the NBA anymore: "The rivalries back then were real and there was no love on the basketball court.

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In a recent episode on the show "The Jump" Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman talked about several things from their illustrious careers but also shared their thoughts on the difference in the game that is being played today. Both Pippen and Rodman are convinced the game changed because the relationship between players evolved and they are more friends than ever before.

Rodman said there was no communication with other players other than your teammates and that the teams, especially the Bulls and Pistons at that time had a love-hate type of relationship. Many fans today believe there are real rivalries in the NBA anymore, and Pippen agrees with that assumption because players didn't have the need to build relationships with opposing players.

"It was a different game. We've seen in today's game and the relationships how these players have grown together whereas of players who played in the late '90s and on back there were no relationships really and we didn't have any love for each other out on the basketball court. It was never that line of communication to build a relationship if a guy wasn't your teammate. The rivalries back then were real and there was no love on the basketball court."

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Both Pippen and Rodman reminisced of the times when the rivalry between the Bulls and Pistons lasted for years. Eventually, the Bulls prevailed after getting mentally and physically stronger which was necessary to beat the Bad Boys from Detroit. Pippen and Rodman agree that the game has changed simply because of the players who act friendlier between themselves more than ever before.

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