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Russell Westbrook On Rebounding: "If people could get 20 rebounds every night, they would. If people could get f****** 15 rebounds, they would.


For the second season in a row, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook could average a triple-double. To accomplish this amazing feat, Westbrook will have to grab at least 16 rebounds in Oklahoma's final regular-season game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday.

Westbrook enters Wednesday's season finale against the Grizzlies needing 16 rebounds to pull his season average up to 10 and give him the season-long triple-double for the second consecutive season, as he already averages 25.6 points and 10.1 assists.

At shootaround on Wednesday, Westbrook told reporters, “If you don’t want [the rebound], I’ ma get it. Simple as that.”

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“A lot of people make jokes about stat-padding or going to get rebounds. If people could get 20 rebounds a night, they would. If people could get 15 rebounds, they would. “The people that are talking and saying whatever they need to say, they should try and do it and see how hard it is.

“Since everybody wants to be talking… I’m tired of hearing the same old rebound this, stealing rebounds, all this shit. “I take pride in what I do. I come out and play and I get the ball faster than somebody else gets to it. That’s just what it is.

“If you don’t want it, I’ ma get it. Simple as that.”

So far this season, Westbrook has reached 16 or more rebounds six times, with Monday's 18 being a season-high. Last season, Westbrook recorded at least 16 boards in eight games.

Westbrook’s game isn’t really an effective model for other players to follow, nor is it a recommended one. Few people can play basketball like Russell Westbrook, and only he seems to do it well.

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