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Rockets GM Daryl Morrey said there is only one player in NBA history he would take over James Harden

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Daryl Morrey has been the general manager for the Rockets since 2007, and he is the mastermind behind every Rocket team for the past decade. Morrey is in favor of using various analytical methods in basketball and was the creator of "true shooting percentage". In a recent interview on the Dan Patrick show, Morrey was asked if he would choose anybody else other than James Harden to run his team and take care of the offense.

Morrey said he wouldn't take Michael Jordan over James Harden and according to his research, Harden is number one in efficient scoring throughout NBA history. Morrey said the only other player in NBA history that is close to Harden in regards to efficient scoring is Wilt Chamberlain so if he had a chance he would want Wilt on his team rather than Jordan.

"If you just say efficient scoring, James Harden is number one. Jordan is a really really good player. If you look at stats, given the number of times he has the ball and given how efficient he is, the only one who comes close is actually Wilt Chamberlain when you go back through history. How many points you are going to score after I give you the ball, you and your team, it's really just James and Wilt."

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Morrey was also asked if he is aware of the new "traveling" move James Harden has been working on this summer. In a very relaxing tone, Patrick and Morrey joked around about the hype surrounding Harden's step-back move even though Morrey did admit it looks suspicious.

"I have never seen James Harden travel, maybe with that double step it might be travel but that is it."

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