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Robin Lopez on what makes Giannis Antetokounmpo different: “He’s so single-minded

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Robin Lopez is on the Orlando Magic roster now, but he played for the Milwaukee Bucks a few seasons ago. In a recent podcast, he shared he thought of Giannis Antetokounmpo and what makes him different.

Robin Lopez on the Bucks winning after his trade

The Milwaukee Bucks won the championship with Brook Lopez, but unfortunately, Robin Lopez was traded to the Washington Wizards. When asked on the podcast of The Old Man and The Three hosted by JJ Redick and Tommy Alter, Robin looked back and shared his opinions on the Finals MVP:

“Before I met him, I just noticed how quiet he was. How single-minded he seems on the court. He seemed like the Terminator on the point. I know that’s an overused cliche but you seem like completely focused on his job on the basketball court. It wasn’t about the entertainment for him.”

Robin Lopez, via The Old Man and The Three

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That shows how committed Giannis is to winning. At only 26 years old, he already accomplished much. The Bucks built around him, and he repaid their trust. Young players today are involved in marketing their brand, promoting fashion and clothes. But Giannis’ focus on playing hard instead of the theatrics of being an NBA superstar speaks volumes. 

Lopez twins on what it’s like playing in the NBA

The Lopez twins missed out on winning an NBA title together. It could have made history, but things happen for a reason. Robin and Brook played with and played against each other, and not all of the brothers who played in the league can say the same thing.

Brook and Robin claimed they don’t talk trash when their teams meet on the court. It was their teammates and fans who make a big deal out of it. Even when they became teammates in Milwaukee, the two did not share a house for one peculiar reason: their cats hate each other. 

Brook Lopez is looking to help the Bucks defend their title next season. On the other hand, Robin Lopez will suit up for a new team, the Orlando Magic. The twins may have had different journeys in the NBA, but they are still in the league, which means they have adapted and upgraded skills necessary to thrive in the modern NBA. 

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