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Robert Horry speaks up on why he should be in the Hall-of-Fame

Robert Horry shares a valid argument for getting inducted into the HOF but also says he doesn't mind if that never happens
Robert Horry shares why he deserves to be in the HOF

Robert Horry won 7 NBA championships with three different teams which make his accomplishment pretty unique in modern-day NBA

Making the basketball Hall-of-Fame is the epitome of a perfect career-ending for most NBA players. Several factors are considered to achieve that incredible honor, most notably your career achievements like awards, stats, and championships. On the other side, the cultural and off-court impact can also play a considerable role, leaving many questions and conversations on what should and shouldn't be included in the overall bid for the HOF. One of the more debated and controversial players regarding the acceptance into the Hall-of-Fame is a player with one of the most impressive careers when it comes to winning. That man is Robert Horry.

Horry thinks he deserves to be in the HOF

Horry managed to play a significant role on several NBA teams, winning seven championships, putting him in the company with some of the players with the most rings in NBA history. That is an accomplishment worthy of enormous respect. But that didn't help him so far in making the Hall-of-Fame, as Horry himself thinks he should be in, even though he doesn't let him bother him too much.

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"If you look at the people that are in, I deserve to be in. If you look at the people who aren't in, I don't deserve to be in. For me, I'll be happy if I do, and I'll be happy if I don't because basketball is a team sport. If I was a tennis player and I didn't get in the Hall of Fame for tennis, then I'd be really upset, but for me, it's a team sport. If the Hall of Fame comes calling one day, I'll be proud. If it doesn't, so be it. I know one thing, half those guys in there don't have what I have, and that's seven rings."

Robert Horry, Lakers Nation

Nobody has more rings than Horry

A pretty humble and respectful approach from Horry, who will be happy even if he does or doesn't get accepted. His biggest downfall is that the only individual award he has ever won is making the All-Rookie Team. Horry was never a star on a team but rather a role player that always showed up big in clutch and crucial moments. When you help your teams win essential games and contribute to seven championships, you deserve to be among the most influential basketball players ever.

P.S. "Half those guys in there don't have what I have, and that's seven rings" is the understatement of the year. The only group of players that have more rings than Robert Horry are the guys from the Bill Russell Celtics. Everyone else in the history of the NBA has fewer rings, making Horry somewhat unique in the modern NBA. 

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