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“They’re right on the cusp of doing something crazy every possession” — Robert Horry blasts Los Angeles Lakers’ shot selection

Big Shot Rob recently criticized the Lakers' poor shot selection. But who's to blame?
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and guard Russell Westbrook; Robert Horry

Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Robert Horry

There are plenty of reasons behind the Los Angeles Lakers reeling early in the 2022-23 season. Former Lakers champion Robert Horry largely chalks their struggles to poor shot selection.

"When I watch the Lakers play, it's like they're right on the cusp of doing something crazy every possession," Horry began. "I'm all about giving players a green light if they deserve a green light. But you can't just walk into a season and go, 'You got a green light. You got a green light. You got a green light.' No. Players think, 'Every shot I take is a good shot.' When you are losing like the Lakers, you gotta make sure every shot you take is a great shot. And that's the difference in a lot of these teams."

Is Big Shot Rob right?

After tuning in to a Lakers game, one can't help but agree with the retired forward's assertion.

The team is currently dead last in plenty of offensive team stats, such as points per game, offensive rating, field goal percentage, and 3-point shooting efficiency. In addition, it's mind-boggling to see a team with two historically elite playmakers, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, rank just 23rd in average assists.

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It also doesn't help when Westbrook takes ill-advised shots.

If things do not change, Los Angeles could end up not only with the worst offense this season but in NBA history.

Who's to blame?

The question for the proud franchise now is how to stop the bleeding on offense. As the saying goes, "Knowing the problem is half the solution." The organization then has to determine the root cause of the team's poor shot selection.

A possible factor is that the roster is made of mismatched pieces. A team with a star trio of players (James, Westbrook, and Anthony Davis) whose outside shooting efficiencies range from bad to horrendous is a likely recipe for disaster in today's game. ESPN analyst Kirk Goldsberry noted that the front office also decided to part ways with four of its five best 3-point shooters in the past offseason.

Another potential reason is that a rookie head coach like Darvin Ham is not yet equipped to maximize the current roster. To be fair, the Lakers are currently second in the league in defensive rating. But they need a good offensive game plan to win games.

It is still too early in the season, and in theory, Los Angeles still has time to turn things around. It will be interesting to see if the team has what it takes to bounce back.

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