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“What if that’s Steph that he punches?” — Robert Horry believes the Golden State Warriors should've suspended Draymond Green for Ring Night

Horry understands Poole isn't a player of Curry's status, but when it comes to punching a teammate, “nobody should matter more than another person.”
Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole, guard Stephen Curry, and forward Draymond Gree

Steph Curry, Jordan Poole and Draymond Green

A week after news broke about Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green punching teammate Jordan Poole in training camp, the organization decided to move on and fine Green instead of suspending him.

While Draymond and the Warriors eventually decided to allow him to take time away from the team to cool off, many believed that the All-Star wasn't punished enough for his wrongdoing. Former NBA player and 7-time champion Robert Horry is one of those who feel that Green got off the hook easily.

It would've been a different story if Green punched Steph Curry

According to Horry, Green's punishment would've been significantly different if he had punched Stephen Curry instead of Poole. Horry believes standards must be set equally, even if Poole doesn't have the franchise cornerstone status that Curry walks around with. At the end of the day, punching a teammate is never acceptable, no matter who's at the receiving end of the incident.

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"What if that's Steph that he punches? The whole dynamics change because it's Steph. He's an elite player in this league, he is the face of the franchise. He is almost the face of the league. Now, everybody else gets involved because it's Steph," Horry said in his latest appearance on "The Crossover" podcast. "In this day and age when it comes to the sporting world, I know there are certain people who matter more than others. But when it comes to situations like this, nobody should matter more than another person," Horry added.

Horry also said Green should've been suspended for the Warriors' season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers, which also happens to be on their Ring Night. The former Laker thinks that the upcoming Ring Night is a dangerous and awkward situation for Green because he'll happen to be in the same building with Poole's family, who might still have a vendetta against the 4-time All-Star.

It also doesn't help that Green's mom, Mary Babers-Green, added oil to the fire after voicing her opinion on Twitter in an attempt to defend her son's actions. According to Horry, a family feud between the Poole and Green clans might be a recurring theme. Horry feels that the Warriors should've suspended Green for Ring Night to make him pay for his actions and avoid the unnecessary drama that could arise and hinder the Warriors from winning back-to-back championships.

Green and Poole have moved on.

The Warriors made their decision to extend Poole and Andrew Wiggins' contracts last weekend. Green, who recently admitted that he doesn't expect to be offered an extension this season, said that he and Poole have put the incident behind them and are ready to move on. The 4-time champion believes that the Warriors' camaraderie is strong enough to help the organization move on to greener (or, in this case, golden) pastures.

As for Poole, who admitted that he couldn't stop smiling after his huge payday, he feels that both his and Green's goal to bring another trophy to Golden State is what will propel them past the unfortunate incident. Poole said that he has forgiven Green and will work and handle their relationship as professionally as possible.

While Horry may have a point in saying that Green's punishment would've been worst had he punched Curry instead, ultimately, the Golden State front office had the final say and has now made a decision. Whether or not Green and Poole's incident lingers, though, will be one of the biggest storylines to follow in The Bay this season. 

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