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Rick Mahorn still doesn't care about the Bulls: 'We whooped that ass, that's all that matters'

mahorn and bulls

Former NBA player Rick Mahorn was not so well known among the younger generation of NBA fans, but the older fans remember him as a member of the Detroit Pistons when they were the best team in the league. Mahorn was a big strong player and one of the enforcers on a Pistons squad that was incredibly dominant for several years in a row. The Pistons are a rare team that beat the Celtics with Bird, Lakers with Magic, and Bulls with Jordan.

The rivalry between the Pistons and Bulls was so real and fierce some things will never change when you ask Mahorn about their rival. In a recent interview for Detroit Free Press, Mahorn talked about those matchups with the Bulls and how he never watched The Last Dance documentary because he doesn't care about the Bulls since they regularly beat them for a few years in a row.

I do. Don't get me wrong, I didn't watch the Jordan doc because I wouldn't give a damn or hell about what Jordan did. We whooped that ass, that's all that matters. But it's respect. I finally watched the 30 for 30, probably this year for the Bad Boys because it was something that, I said, 'I already know about all that.' But you learn about the players that are around you. It keeps us in contact. It's nice to get that.

Rich Mahorn, via Detroit Free Press

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Mahorn is frustrated that the Pistons don't get enough credit for winning those championships, beating some pretty remarkable teams along the way. ESPN, in partnership with NBA, made a 30 for 30 that featured the Pistons and their success which shed some light on a truly remarkable team in NBA history. Mahorn said it was the much-needed respect they received even though it feels like they are still somewhat underappreciated.

We were never acknowledged as one of the best teams in the league, it was always the Celtics, the Lakers, and then it was Chicago. You skip over two teams that won back-to-back with the Pistons and also the Houston Rockets. You gotta give these teams their due because we're in history. It didn't skip from the Lakers to Chicago. It was a blip in all this stuff. The thing is, I'm glad that we're finally getting the respect, and the NBA is giving it to us.

Rich Mahorn, via Detroit Free Press

Being a true Bad Boy, Mahorn never has the plan to watch the Last Dance documentary and even said that he wouldn't shake the Bulls' hands in 1991. Mahorn left the team before that when the Pistons were reigning champions but always felt like he was apart of the team a long time after he retired.

I ain't watching no Last Dance, the hell? Plus, when the Pistons did lose, I wasn't here! I wouldn't have shaken their hands. It's basketball, c'mon man. 'Thank you for kicking my ass, I gotta keep walking.' Man, please. I'm walking off that court, man. You beat us, bye. I'm done.

Rich Mahorn, via Detroit Free Press

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