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Rick Mahorn blasts The Last Dance and the fact Michael Jordan was too glorified in the documentary

Rick Mahorn

Rick Mahorn blasts The Last Dance

The list of players criticizing Michael Jordan's The Last Dance documentary grew longer after former NBA player Rick Mahorn admitted he preferred watching cartoons instead of spending 10 hours watching the Netflix documentary.

Rick Mahorn: The baddest bad boy of the Pistons

Mahorn played in the NBA for 18 seasons, but he became known as part of the Bad Boys era of the Detroit Pistons. He joined Detroit in 1985 and teamed up with Bill Laimbeer, Isiah Thomas, and Dennis Rodman. Rick was tagged as the "Baddest Bad Boy of them all" by Pistons announcer George Blaha, but the bruiser claimed he just played his role to the team. 

"My reputation is unfounded. I can play. I wouldn't have been in this league for nine years if I couldn't play. Thug this, enforcer that. I take 48 minutes very seriously, that's all, when you consider who I have to guard. That means Ewing, Kevin McHale, Charles Barkley, Moses Malone and Mailman Malone — every night. You know anybody who wants that?"

Rick Mahorn, via Vault

Mahorn won a championship with Detroit in the 1989 finals against the Chicago Bulls. No matter what people say, Rick beat MJ and the Bulls before they were good. Some say Chicago needed to beat the Pistons to become great. Jordan's toughness was tested like never before, and he honed his will to finally win in the series against the Bad Boys in 1991.

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As someone who faced MJ and the Bulls and beat them, many were curious to know Mahorn's opinion on The Last Dance.

Mahorn preferred watching The Flintstones over The Last Dance

"Well, you know I didn't watch any of The Last Dance because you know when I look at it that's 10 hours I can't get back. So I was watching the Rifle Man, WII TV, me TV watching all the old, watching The Flintstones making sure that I get a good laugh because it's Groundhog Day."

The Last Dance, I wasn't watching that I mean it's just something to glorify a little bit of Michael Jordan."

MJ was indeed the star of The Last Dance, but it rubbed people wrong, especially Scottie Pippen, who claimed they were not paid for the documentary while number 23 received $10 million. Scottie also claimed that the documentary put Michael on a pedestal which belittled the contribution of the rest of the teammates in winning several NBA titles. 

Every successful series needs to have its hero. The Last Dance and MJ were a perfect fit as the series narrated the hardships he had to overcome on and off the court to become the greatest ever. Pippen, Mahorn, Karl Malone, Isiah Thomas, and John Stockton may have different opinions on it, and they have the right to express whatever is on their mind when it comes to the documentary. As former friends, teammates, and foes of Jordan, players such as Mahorn and Pippen have a different story to tell, which makes MJ's legendary career even more intriuging. 

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