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Richard Jefferson compares Giannis' block on Ayton to LeBron's on Iguodala

lebron and giannis

The NBA Finals between the Bucks and Suns is more exciting than we initially expected, and we had the opportunity to see several spectacular plays on both ends of the floor. Giannis leads the way in that respect with a few exceptional plays, mainly on the defensive end, with the latest one being in Game 4 against DeAndre Ayton. In a crucial moment during the game, Giannis did the unthinkable and blocked an alley-oop dunk attempt from Ayton, which eventually shifted the momentum in their favor and won them the game.

His block was so impactful that it reminded many people of the block LeBron did a few years ago against the Warriors in the NBA Finals. Both plays are spectacular in their own way, and former NBA player Richard Jefferson shared his thoughts on two almost identical plays and which one was better, in his opinion.

Jefferson witnessed both blocks live, and while making an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, he analyzed both of them, saying LeBron's block was more impactful. The reasoning behind this argument is that it happened in a crucial game, 7, against one of the best teams in NBA history. However, he has a lot of respect for Giannis and believes his block on Ayton is something only a few people on this planet can do.

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They are very different. Gianni's block in game 1 was closer because it was a chase-down. The difference is what makes both of those blocks so special and unique is the timing in which they happened. The moment in the game, the moment in the series. If we are talking about a more impactful block, it's definitely Bron's because it meant more with a minute to go in a game 7, down 3-1, and all that stuff. If you are talking about how many people on the planet can go and do what somebody did, then that is the Giannis block because there is only two players that can be back tracking, see the lob and go up and get it against a new 7 feet athletic DeAndre Ayton. It was technically perfect, and physically only three people in the world can do that. It's like a combination of what made that so special.

Richard Jefferson, via ">Dan Patrick Show

When talking about which plays is more impressive, it's actually hard to make this decision; however, everything Jefferson said makes sense. Even though Giannis' block is unbelievably impressive when you consider he did against an athletic seven-footer, LeBron's block was more significant because of the timing and the momentum shifting in the Cavs' favor that would eventually land them with a championship title.

There is no question we'll see more incredible plays in the finals series between the Bucks and Suns, and maybe Giannis will be the one who will produce another spectacular play that will get us out of our seats once again. Crucial Game 5 is scheduled for tomorrow, and it will definitely be a treat for all the NBA fans expecting to see a good and exciting game because it's a must-win for both teams.

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