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Reporter blasts Russell Westbrook for his unprofessional behavior in the press conference

Russell Westbrook Press Conference

Reporter blasts Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers got blown out in last night's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, which is pretty bad by itself, but none other than Russell Westbrook made some people angry at the press conference after the game.

Westbrook's constant disrespect towards reporters

The Lakers lost another game last night. That no longer isn't so much of a surprise, but Russell Westbrook and his behavior towards the reporters definitely fall into that category. After another subpar performance by Westbrook on his 33rd birthday yesterday, reporter Ryan Ward called out Westbrook because of his unprofessionalism after the game in which he was on his phone throughout the entire press conference.

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"Call me crazy, but I think it's just a bit disrespectful to look at your phone during an entire postgame interview, especially after getting blown out. Just me, I guess. Manners. What a concept."

Lack of professionalism by Westbrook

Some fans on Twitter came to Westbrook's defense, saying it's not fun for Westbrook to have these performance reviews and talk about the game every night and answer questions. Ward had a great response to that, saying his work is equally important and that he has to do his job, and Westbrook's duty is to answer those questions the best way he can.

Obviously, some players are more willing to talk and engage with reporters, while some are more hesitant, and reporters have to try really hard to get some answers out of them. Westbrook is one of those players you can never know what to expect from, but his attitude towards reporters has been mostly unprofessional, for the lack of a better word.

Whether something will change or not in that department remains to be seen even though it's more unlikely because Westbrook sometimes acts like a real primadonna for no good reasons. Without LeBron in the starting lineup, he has to step up his game which he does inconsistently, and the Lakers are not looking good at the moment. His problems with the reporters don't help his public image, but it seems Westbrook simply doesn't care about all that.


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