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Reggie Miller shared what he'd say to Michael Jordan if he called him to team up


If you want to beat the best, you have to beat the best. It's that simple. Well, at least it was. Winning the title gives you the right to say, "I am the best!" But if that sentence is to be 100% true, you have to go up against the best competition out there. That's hard if a few of those cats are on your team. That's why the best of the best never considered teaming up. 

Last night we probably saw the last guy who will spend his entire career with one team achieve an amazing feat. Steph Curry passed Wilt Chamberlain and is now the all-time Warriors scoring leader. Yet another record in an illustrious career - all with the Golden Gate Bridge on his chest. The Warriors fuel is joy, when they're dominating, you'll see a lot of smiling and dancing. Many people mistake that for lack of competitiveness and desire to enter a slugfest with the best of them. They are wrong. 

Talking about Curry in a story by Nick Friedel, Reggie Miller said he is hands down the best shooter ever to play the game. For a long time, Dražen Petrović held that title in Reggie's mind. Dražen was a monster shooter, but Steph revolutionized how the game is played - all with one team. That kind of loyalty is rare these days. Friedel asked Miller how would he react if MJ called him up and suggested they team up back in the day?

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This attitude made the Playoffs magical, despite the fact MJ and the Bulls seemed invincible. The Last Dance reminded us there were more than a few occasions when the GOAT had to leave it all out there for the Bulls to win. He wouldn't have to ascend to such heights if the top 10 players teamed up in a few organizations. I think Reggie Miller's legacy and status are greater now than it would be if he joined MJ and Pippen in Chicago and was reduced to a jump shooter. That's not to say Miller isn't frustrated about never winning one. But there's something a lot more valuable Reggie got because he stayed. 

“It's the best feeling having kids that weren't born [when I played] walking through the airport or walking downtown Indiana, and they have your jersey on. Because they weren't alive to see you play. Where they're getting their information from is their parents who were young kids coming to watch you perform, and we laughed and we cried together. That's the relationship, that's what it means to me. Does it burn me that I never won a championship in Indiana? Yes. But I will take the love of those fans and those kids over any championship because that is just as everlasting as that proverbial ring -- the relationship I have with those fans. It's just unbelievable in Indiana.”

Reggie Miller, ESPN

That's something we don't talk about. What does it mean to be a true icon? It means parents are raising their kids telling Reggie Miller stories in Indiana. When it's time to explain the importance of hard work, perseverance, competitiveness, or loyalty in Indiana, Reggie Miller YT clips get views. Miller explained it perfectly. 

Kids who weren't alive when he played are wearing his jersey - the ultimate proof of greatness.

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