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Reggie Miller answers if he is a better shooter than Stephen Curry

The Pacers legend gave his props to the new school of shooting.
Stephen Curry and Reggie Miller shooting threes

Stephen Curry and Reggie Miller

The discussion about who is the best shooter in history was actually a good debate until Stephen Curry took over and changed the whole NBA with his shoot-making ability. Now the Warriors superstar is the undisputed king of shooting, but before he took charge you could make cases for a couple of guys, most frequently Reggie Miller and Ray Allen.

Everybody wants to be Steph

Usually, the past legends of the game don't really appreciate today's NBA and how much the stars are being glorified/paid in comparison to their era. But when it comes to the best shooters ever, it seems respect is at an all-time high.

Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller was the leader in three-point shots made and the symbol of shooting for the NBA ever since the 90s', but the arrival of Ray Allen would give him some stiff competition and overtake him by a bit. But Curry's numbers left Reggie in the dust as a distant third.

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Curry's influence is so big that it even entered Miller's family, as Reggie spoke on the Dan Patrick Show a few months ago and shares how his son is the ultimate Steph superfan.

"Here's the problem I have in my household. My son's favorite player is Stephen Curry...I'm yelling at him in the backyard to stop shooting 30-footers and do layups. Stop it, you're not Stephen Curry!"

Reggie Miller, The Dan Patrick Show

Reggie's point of view

Reggie's son might be too young to know his dad's greatness, but does the Pacers legend feel he can hang up there when it comes to pure shooting ability? Dan wanted to know what Miller would tell his son if he got asked straight up who the better shooter is between him and Curry, and Reggie kept it real. 

Gotta give it up to Reggie for keeping it humble and real. After all, he was much more of a set shooter, coming off screens and staggers, while Curry took it to another level, with the shot-creating ability and long-range. It didn't change the whole league and the meta of winning by accident, and an NBA great like Reggie Miller knows that.

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