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Reggie Miller and Steph Curry name their best shooters of all-time

One glaring name is missing from both lists.
The three best shooters of all-time

The three best shooters of all-time

There is no doubt that Stephen Curry and Reggie Miller are the two best shooters in NBA history, at least in the eyes of most NBA fans. These two have displayed numerous amazing shooting performances in their careers and taken on the challenge of the three-point contest. As we are about to watch the 2022 Contest, Reggie and Steph sat down and listed their dream lineup of shooters to go up against. Some great names, but one guy is definitely going to take this personally.

Cream of the crop

The All-Star weekend is here, and all the most prominent names of the past and the present NBA are all in one place. It's one of the best events of the years for us basketball junkies, and what's better than hearing Reggie Miller and Steph Curry talk about some of the best shooters of all time.

The two named their lists of five shooters they would have loved to go up against. Reggie went first, picking a few apparent choices but then surprising with two names that don't get enough recognition.

Reggie Miller's list:

  • Steph Curry
  • Ray Allen
  • Larry Bird
  • Craig Hodges
  • Drazen Petrovic

Curry, Allen, and Bird are all considered to be amongst the best shooters of all time, getting praised for that to this day. But Hodges and Petrovic are sneaky great picks. Hodges was one of the most lethal shooters in the 80's and 90s'. Although he was not the best player, Hodges played some important roles for the Bucks and the Bulls.

Drazen is also one guy fans forget about, but the Croatian was a sniper ahead of his time. Fearless and talented, Petrovic gave it to everyone from MJ to Reggie, as it's a tragedy his career and life were cut short at the peak of his career. Still, it's nice to see his name still get respect in the NBA waters, especially by legends like Reggie Miller.

Steph then gave us his list, going with a similar route, but adding some family flavor:

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Steph Curry's list:

Larry Bird

Dell Curry

Ray Allen

Reggie Miller

Seth Curry

Dell and Seth are both extremely talented shooters, proving blood is thicker than water. But you have to be honest and admit they got the benefit of the doubt from Steph, getting named amongst the greatest. Still, Steph expressed how he would have loved to go up against his brother and dad to get the bragging rights of the Curry household.

The internet instantly reacted to the list by pointing out how both of them left Klay Thompson out of their lists. Especially his teammate and friend Steph Curry. But we all know Klay has his place amongst the best. This was more of a personal preference for these guys, who want to go up against a few of the best and a few personal rivals. I'm sure Klay will have no problem with Steph leaving him out. It could only fire him up to even better his game.


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