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Referees petty revenge on the Warriors


If someone showed you a video of the Warriors after their game in Minnesota, you'd think they won. Smiling, shaking hands with the Timberwolves, laughing and giggling.

What happened was a fantastic overtime game with mind-bending shots and spectacular plays that will remain in the shadows of bad, and it seems in the end, petty referee revenge. Here's a 90 second summary of everything that happened

We may find out that in super slow-motion, the decision to call the foul on KD before the shooting motion/jump was right and the ref didn't make a mistake there. I wouldn't agree with that. 

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Then Steph made an amazing three-pointer and put the ref on the spot. He should be smarter than this, and I believe he wouldn't have done this if it were the playoffs, but this is the last of many player reactions to baffling decisions. Something needs to be done. If Curry reacts this way, you know we are at a tipping point. 

With 0.5 seconds to go, KD got called for a shove on KAT which was a blatant revenge call. This was not the ref Steph, and the Warriors pointed too, but it rarely is, is it? An obvious revenge call destroyed an amazing regular season game. Steph and KD shared their view of the game:

Steph calls ref Mark Kogut the "MVP of the night" in postgame interview from nba

KD, interviewed postgame, calls ref "the best player on the floor tonight" from nba

Everyone is analyzing the 82 game season, hoping for games like these to convince people we can still get a fantastic experience against the top seed and a team that is out of the playoffs. Just when it happens, the refs had to take it away. The worst part about it, this doesn't seem like an honest mistake. It does not come under the "refs are human too, and make mistakes." This was them showing the Warriors who's boss.

It's petty, unprofessional and they might find the superstars are a bit more important than they are. 

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