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Ray Allen talks about the possibility of making a 'He Got Game' sequel

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Ray Allen recently made a guest appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, where he talked about the possibility of a He Got Game sequel and what it will take for that actually to happen. The movie initially came out in 1998 with Ray Allen and Denzel Washington in the starting roles, directed by Spike Lee. It is still to this day considered one of the greatest if not the greatest basketball movie ever made with numerous fans around the world that would be looking forward to a sequel.

Even though 23 years have passed since the movie came out, a possibility for a sequel was never fully explored until now, when there is obviously some traction in that direction. Allen admits they already had conversations with a few players like Zion Williamson, but the main thing that needs to happen is getting Denzel on board with the sequel because he is the type of actor that doesn't do many sequels. However, Allen is convinced Denzel might be interested in this opportunity.

We talked with several younger players, including women, because there is definitely a dynamic there if you think about since 1998, when the movie came out, there has been so many storylines. There are so many different ways we can take this, but for us, and Spike and I talk about it all the time is making sure we get Denzel Washington involved. I think until Equalized 2 he was against sequels, so when Equalized 2 came out, we thought we might have a chance. I think that is the main thing to get him excited and get him on board because it's not the same if he didn't have something to do with the movie.

Ray Allen, via Dan Patrick Show

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Another essential aspect they are exploring is a women athlete in the starting role telling a different type of story. Allen hopes to spotlight women who had a significant impact on the sport and therefore shred the barriers that previously didn't put much effort in sharing different stories related to women in sports.

The story of sport can still be told through a female perspective. There have been so many great stories with Rene Montgomery in Atlanta and now having the ownership of the team and everything that is going with the Black Lives movement. There is so much, and being able to point out the limelight at the women's game could certainly help growing that sport just the same.

Ray Allen, via Dan Patrick Show

Whether we'll see the sequel sooner or later remains to be seen, but it's apparent there are active conversations on making it happen. It will be interesting to see Zion Williamson or any other athlete in the leading role that Ray Allen portrayed so well without any acting experience. Having Denzel back is also an important ingredient in making a great movie. There is no question numerous fans who saw the first movie would like to see a sequel that tells a great basketball story from a different perspective.

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