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Ray Allen shares what the differences/similarities were between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat

ray allen

Former NBA player, HOF, and one of the best shooters in NBA history, Ray Allen made a guest appearance on the BasketballNews podcast where he talked about his illustrious NBA career. Additionally, he discussed the difference and similarities between the two teams on which he won a championship, the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.

For those few years, there was a fierce rivalry between those two teams in the eastern conference. So when Allen decided to join the Heat, his decision was viewed as a sign of disrespect towards the Celtics and their fanbase. However, it proved to be an excellent decision for Allen, who won another title with the Heat while the Celtics fell apart as a contending squad.

Allen mentioned the first thing he noticed when he joined the Heat, how afraid they were of that team. Apparently, there was a lot of respect for the Celtics and everything they accomplished, with the Heat looking to replicate that success as much as possible.

The interesting part is that I learned how afraid Miami was of Boston. These guys were scared to death of us. Everything we run, things that we did on a daily basis. They are similar teams because you could see the cohesiveness; you could see how the best players communicate and make sure they have ownership of the team. There is a lot of comraderies.

Ray Allen, via BasketballNews

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The Miami Heat made 4 NBA finals during that era, winning two championships in the process. Even though they had Wade, LeBron, and Bosh, that team also had a great group of veteran players as a supporting cast. Allen says it was probably the deepest team he has ever been on in his entire career.

The Miami team was deeper from top to bottom with vets. The problems Spo had was that he had so many places he could go with James Johns, Mike Miller, Shane Battier than to me, Birdman, Juwan Howard. When you look at the roster, all those guys are capable of playing and contributing.

Ray Allen, via BasketballNews

Even though Allen, Pierce, and Garnett were all in their 30's when they joined up in Boston, the rest of the supporting cast was relatively young. Unlike the Heat squad that had many veterans, the Celtics only had a few, which is the main difference in how these two teams were structured. Allen said it's important to have players you can rely on in the playoffs, and if they have more experience, that's even better.

On our roster in Boston, once you left the PJ and Sam, everybody else was young. Big Baby was a first-year player; we had Scalabrine, we had Tony Allen, Gabe Pruitt. You had a lot of young players that haven't been on the stage, and in Miami, it was a much deeper bench. When you get into the playoffs situation, you only play 7,8 players anyway.

Ray Allen, via BasketballNews

After spending five years with the Boston Celtics and two with the Heat, Allen ended his career in 2014 after losing to the Spurs in the NBA finals. That loss also marked the ending of that Heat championship run during those years. Both the Celtics and the Heat made an essential impact on the NBA, so it's great to hear when someone like Allen shares what made them unique and different from one another.

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