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Ray Allen has an interesting response when asked if LeBron James is the greatest player in NBA history: "He ain't great in these categories"

Ray Allen says LeBron James is not the GOAT because he is not great in a few categories Allen thinks are relevant when having this debate
Ray Allen responds to a fan saying LeBron James is the GOAT

The never-ending GOAT debate is one of the most entertaining topics among all NBA fans, and usually, there are a few names that predominantly circulate among fans when having these conversations. For example, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, or sometimes even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, if you ask older NBA fans, are your usual suspects, and it's always interesting to hear what other accomplished NBA players think of this matter.

He is not the greatest in these categories

In a recent TikTok video by the user Tyrie Weeks, Ray Allen joins the debate, briefly explaining why LeBron James isn't in the GOAT conversation, saying he isn't the greatest in some of the main categories like free-throw shooting or three-point shooting. 

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"Is he a great free-throw shooter? Is he a great three-point shooter? Great dribbler. You are saying the GOAT, but he ain't great in those categories." 

Whether you agree with Allen's comment, it's fair that he made those points because he is one of the greatest shooting guards in the history of the NBA. Allen was also LeBron's teammate in Miami, so he was able to witness his skillset daily, which holds some weight in this debate.

The fans believe Allen is wrong

However, it's fair to point out that someone like Michael Jordan wasn't the greatest in the categories Allen describes in the video. In the NBA, you can be the best at one aspect of the game, and that will be valuable for your team, like, for example, Dennis Rodman and his rebounding ability. Of course, being a jack of all trades but master of none is perhaps even more beneficial for teams, especially now in the NBA, where versatility is a highly commended trait. 

It's also interesting to point out that most fans in the comment section don't agree with Allen's comments saying that LeBron is still better than Michael Jordan in all of the things Allen considers relevant when discussing this topic. Most of the younger fans have LeBron as the GOAT, and even Steph Curry is now getting included in this conversation, especially after winning another championship and becoming the all-time leader in three-pointers. Based on the criteria Allen mentioned in the video, Curry would, in that case, have a more substantial chance of being the GOAT than LeBron James. 

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